Millenium Alka-ph Powder


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A body Ph. balancer with a difference

Ingredients used in MIllenium Alka-ph assist in balancing body pH.

Our body pH has a very strong link with control of our metabolic processes maintaining a fine balance in the acid – base equilibrium in a relatively narrow pH range just like our body temperature is maintains around 37OC. Any imbalance in this equilibrium causes a decline in our health and wellbeing.

Increased acidity can strip minerals from tissues in particular calcium & magnesium from skeletal structure, slows supply of oxygen to the tissues and has adverse effect on immunity.

In acidic conditions initially, a person may start to feel joint aches and pains due to too much acid in the muscle tissue or in the joints. Tiredness, fatigue and general swelling may also be other symptoms of acidic conditions. Alka-ph is not only helpful in balancing your body acidity but also provides you with significant levels of calcium and magnesium.

Alka-ph is charged with homeopathic Zinc, Iron, Selenium & Manganese and contains carbonates of Magnesium & calcium, sodium bicarbonate, Spirulina, Inositol, Silica and mild natural lemon. Ingredients used in Alka-ph assist in balancing body pH.

All these ingredients are used to assist in balancing body pH.

Also contains Spirulina.

Alka-ph is not meant to taste pleasant, but try it you may find it helpful to balance your body acidity.

Use Alka-ph as directed.

Use in pregnancy and allergic conditions strictly under professional healthcare advice and supervision