Millenium Bioflavonoid C Plus


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(With Herbs and Minerals)

Need a complete Vitamin C supplement with added goodness of herbs and minerals?
Then try BIOFLAVONOID C PLUS powder!
It is a complete Vitamin C supplement for you and your family all year round and is completely free of any added sugars and may be suitable for Diabetics
(Please seek advice from your registered health care professional for its suitability for your condition).

Vitamin C offers many health benefits e.g. immunity, common cold, hypertension, antioxidant activity, cataract relief, heavy metal poisoning etc.
( March 10. 2011).

BIOFLAVONOID C PLUS contains 1000mg buffered vitamin C, essential minerals, synergy herbs and also Bioflavonoid ext.
  • Helps boost immunity for whole family all year round.
  • Workout friendly, low GI increases energy levels.Contains whey protein concentrates for muscle repair, toning and stamina.Improves circulation, capillary integrity and iron absorption.
  • Eco-friendly and guaranteed not to contain any added sugar and Mineral Phosphates.
  • Assists in replenishing minerals and amino-acids lost due to sweating and during workouts.
In winter and spring it helps to boosts immunity and anti-oxidant levels to fight allergens and pollens in the air (due to vegetation e.g. shedding of leaves and spring flowers).

In summer and autumn helps the body to fight off ill effects of heat, rashes and pollutants.

Dryness of skin may lead to poor circulation and capillary fragility. Sun burns may cause an increased production of harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen toxic species (ROTS) in the body which vitamin C and bioflavonoid extract helps to neutralise.

People with active lifestyle, busy and highly stressed executives, smokers, drug and alcohol abusers, women needing additional supplementation, teenagers and growing children, elderly citizens and convulsing patients could all be benefited by daily supplementation of BIOFLAVONOID C PLUS.

Students with heavy workloads, athletes and active sports persons and mums with young children may also be helped by supplementing regularly with vitamin C.
(Millenium Pharmaceuticals do not make any therapeutic claims for the product as these have not been clinically trialled but are merely stating some of the published benefits of using vitamin C and Bioflavonoid ext. as a supplement).

At the first sign of allergy and discomfort stop using the product and seek professional advice. Use in pregnancy and other allergic conditions strictly recommended under professional guidance. Read label instructions before using the product.

Give it a go and feel the Difference!