Millenium Calcium Ascorbate Powder


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(100% Pure Powder)
Need a neutral Vitamin C supplement with added goodness of Calcium?
Then you need Millenium Brand 100% Pure Calcium Ascorbate Powder.
This form of Vitamin C powder is neutral gentle to the stomach and offers the benefit of both Vitamin C (90%) and Calcium (10%). It is a Vitamin C supplement for you and your family all year round.
Vitamin C offers many health benefits e.g. immunity, common cold, hypertension, antioxidant activity, cataract relief, heavy metal poisoning etc. ( March 10. 2011).

Why do you need this product?

(Vitamin C cannot be stored or bio-synthesised in the body and therefore must be supplemented daily)


Pure Calcium Ascorbate Powder contains 900mg Vitamin C buffered with Calcium and 100mg elemental Calcium in 1000mg (1g dose) of the 100% pure Millenium Calcium Ascorbate powder.

It offers all the nutritional benefits of Vitamin C without the adverse acidic effects of non-buffered vitamin C.

 It helps fight minor infections & boost immunity for whole family (above age of 2 years) all year round.

It is water soluble and absorbs well.

It is a very effective anti-oxidant.

It is important for the development, maintenance and protection of healthy skin, cartilage, teeth and bone structure.


Students with heavy workloads, athletes and active sports persons and mums with young children may also be helped by supplementing regularly with Calcium Ascorbate powder.


Use Millenium 100% pure Calcium Ascorbate Powder daily ½ metric tea spoon full in a glass of water or a fruit juice of your choice as a maintenance dose for your general health and wellbeing.


So why not try it, give it a go and feel the difference?


(Millenium Pharmaceuticals do not make any therapeutic claims for the product as these have not been clinically trialled but are merely stating some of the published benefits of using vitamin C in the form of buffered Calcium Ascorbate Powder as a supplement).


At the first sign of allergy and discomfort stop using the product and seek professional advice. Use in pregnancy and other allergic conditions strictly recommended under professional guidance. Read label instructions before using the product.