Millenium Ultimate Snooze Powder


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A herbal dietary Supplement to help relax and Unwind

Millenium Ultimate Snooze Powder is a pure herbal supplement and being a non drug product is non habit forming. It contains seven powerful herbal active ingredients which are known to exhibit various properties for relaxing. If you are run down and need to unwind then Snooze Powder may assist in a gentle, gradual and non invasive way.  The powder offers a stronger dose for quick results. Use ½ teaspoon  regularly before bedtime (Prophylactic dose). The product should be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime but best results are obtained if taken about 2 hours prior to retiring for the night. The powder should be stirred into a glass of water or fruit juice.

Some tips for a better and restful sleep:

Regular physical activity will improve your chances of a good night sleep.

Avoid heavy fatty foods, coffee or other caffeinated drinks before bedtime as high caffeine dose leads to alertness and therefore promotes restlessness.

Adjust your sleeping times to a regular sleep pattern. A regular bedtime and wake up time will help a lot and assist in habit forming sleep pattern.

Avoid alcohols, and smoking immediately before bedtime; even better avoid completely.

Regular toilet break before bedtime also helps and leaves your toilet break worries behind after you have settled into bed.

Don’t forget to take your SNOOZE Powder regularly preferably 2 hours before bedtime.


Feeling tired, rundown and need to unwind? Then use our SNOOZE Powder. We guarantee you will not lose sleep over it.


  • A non drug herbal product to assist in relaxing and unwinding.
  • A highly effective non invasive non toxic product at the recommended dose.
  • A combination of seven powerful herbs known for their high efficacy.
  • Snooze has a fast response and reaction onset time.
  • An acceptable herbal taste with a mild lemon flavour and mild sweet taste.


Snooze contains glucose to provide energy for the get-up-and-go factor the morning after. Take snooze powder in water at least 60 minutes before bed time at night – and feel the difference next morning.

Use in pregnancy and allergic conditions strictly under professional healthcare advice and supervision