Millenium Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex Powder


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Millenium Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex Powder is a no nonsense simple traditional buffered Vitamin C supplement which suits most people and is the most popular Vitamin C complex powder in its category. It is a stable gentle to the stomach formula with no artificial colour, flavour, sweetener and preservatives. No added dairy, wheat & corn, no animal product, no Gluten and GMO and is uniquely formulated to contain homeopathic Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Selenium.

It is the best tasting vitamin C powder available in its category.

    • It is the most pleasant tasting vitamin C and bioflavonoid combination without any added artificial sweetener.
    • It is the most value added product in its category; per2 gram dose it offers 1000mg vitamin C in buffered form which is about 25% more than leading brands.
    • It also offers about 20% more of the bioflavonoid (Hesperidin).
    • It is Eco friendly i.e. no phosphates are added to the product to claim buffering action; rather it is a true buffer system of Ascorbic acid and Ascorbate.
    • It contains homeopathic (iron, zinc, manganese and selenium) which according to the homeopathic principles leave a mineral imprint on cellular activity.  In homeopathic form there is no waste and no toxicity from these minerals.
    • Contains glucose for energy for the get-up-&go factor (May not be suitable for diabetics).

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Use in pregnancy and allergic conditions strictly under professional healthcare advice and supervision

TGA Listed: Aust L 159838